New episode! … and some thoughts, from Dennis

When I created Cow Chip & Lance 25 years ago, I was in high school, and I was trying to create something along the lines of the great buddy comedies of my teens, particularly Beavis and Butthead and Wayne’s World.  But as CCL evolved over the years, it started in some ways to resemble an ensemble comedy more than just a buddy comedy.  (continue reading below video)

The stories mostly continued to revolve around Cow Chip and Lance, but often times their friends and others around them played an important role in the story as well.  The number of main characters grew from two to six, as the boys became part of a circle of friends with Wilson, Kelly, Alex, and Sarah.  Other Gief High students, as well as Gief High staff, neighbors, and other people around town also became part of the stories.

I have always wanted to occasionally explore the other characters more.  I don’t get to do this often, considering how infrequently I produce new episodes for this site.  I have a very demanding day job, as do most of the voice cast members, and it takes some work to get one of these done, even as crudely animated as it is.  This episode is a departure from the regular format, in that the main story revolves around Kelly more than it does around the boys.  I hope to continue to do this every once in a while, to explore more of the characters in the CCLverse beyond just the two title characters.

There have been some casting changes.  Hali Bergeron, a newcomer to the CCL family, will be playing Kelly, and Hannah Schumacher, who previously has voiced a one-time character (Rachael in #8), will be taking over the parts of both Sarah and Haley.  We here at Cow Chip & Lance wish the best to Nicole Emmerichs, Ellie Davidson, and Haley Payne (Fremer) as they continue other pursuits in life; they will always be part of the CCL family.

I have also been gradually adding more character biographies for those of you still learning your way around the CCLverse.

With all that said… enjoy the new episode!

Changes, and New Episode Coming Soon!

We’ve had a lot going on here at Cow Chip & Lance.  Life has a funny way of getting in the way of plans.  And with us being a small production, being made just for fun and not making any money, changes in people’s lives affect us more.

We’ve had a few casting changes.  We’ve had a lot of glitches to overcome with the next episode.

But it’s almost done.  There will definitely be new content coming very soon… meaning within the next few days. Stay tuned.