This character database is a work in progress.  More names will be added eventually.

Central Characters
Cow ChipLanceWilsonKellyAlexSarah

The Kids At School
Blake – HaleyJenna

Gief High School Faculty
Ms. Larson –  Mr. MillerMrs. Tilley

The Other Locals
Mrs. Von TutsZeus

Celebrities, Out-of-Towners, and Others
(coming soon)

Key to abbreviations used in bio pages:
Names in italics are those who have performed or portrayed the character in the past.

I, II, and III refer to the three Cow Chip & Lance series.  Series II was not animated, so there were no speaking roles; actors portraying characters in Series II refer to the actors’ faces superimposed over drawn bodies and backgrounds.  M is the 1997 movie, NSNS is the “Cow Chip & Lance: No Shirt, No Service” computer game (1999), and AOT is the “Cow Chip & Lance Are Out There” computer game (2000).  See the About page for more information.

And for those of you who come across any of these pages through a random search, remember that some of these actors have changed their last name since appearing in CCL, and we here at CCL are not currently in contact with everyone who has appeared in CCL in the past.

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