Lance Timothy Hernandez

Portrayed by:
Dennis G. Simmons (I, NSNS/AOT, III)
Ed Hunt (M)

First Appeared:
1993, “Mrs. Von Tuts” (I)

Lance is one of those people who instantly makes his presence felt everywhere, because of his cool hair and wacky sense of humor.  He and Cow Chip have been through many adventures… and misadventures.

Lance has once had a job as an errand boy for a secret organization that controls the world.  He had a brief stint performing as the mascot for a celebrity baseball team, and for a time, he was a superhero saving Gief High School from bullies.  The last girl that Lance was interested in was actually stuck in a time warp since 1992; Lance and his friends helped her get back to her own time and get on with her life.