1. “Millard Fillmore”

Cow Chip & Lance #1 – “Millard Fillmore”
Published December 23, 2008

Cow Chip learns a new game that turns out to be quite frustrating. Meanwhile, Lance tries to figure out what is hiding in Mrs. Larson’s closet.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance
Jeffrey San Gabriel – Wilson
Nicole Emmerichs – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex
Allison Flowers – Sarah
Michael Simmons – Chad

Rose Connally – Mrs. Tilley
Robert DeCambra – Jamie
Nathan Margoliash – Math Monster
Amanda McBride – Other Contestant
Johanna Mimbs – Katy; Mrs. Larson
Haley Payne – Haley
Heather Rudd – Heather

Written and directed by Dennis G. Simmons.
Copyright ©2008

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