Zeus Vandross-Von Blackandecker

Portrayed by:
Michael Simmons (NSNS/AOT, III)

First appeared:
1999, “Cow Chip & Lance: No Shirt, No Service” computer game

Zeus owns and operates a store in Oldtown Salinas, called Zeus’ Closet; Cow Chip and Lance are regular customers at Zeus’ Closet.  In addition to having typical secondhand items, the store also sells some of the rarest and strangest items ever found in any store.  Zeus’ Closet also hosts concerts in the summer.  Business took a hit after Zeus’ failed attempt to start his own currency and make all shoppers convert their money to Zesos, but eventually loyal customers returned to the store after Zeus began allowing the use of dollars again.

Very little is known about Zeus’ background, his history before opening the store, or his purported connections with groups that secretly control the world and several other solar systems.  It is known that he appeared on one season of the athletic game show American Spartans, as a character named (appropriately enough) “Zeus.”

One thing is known, however: Zeus is one of the coolest, most awesome human beings around.