Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead

Portrayed by:
Hannah Schumacher (III, 2018- )
Ellie Davidson (III, 2014)
Allison Flowers (III, 2008-13)
Diana Sloan (NSNS/AOT)
Sarah Windall (M)

First Appeared:
1997, Movie

Sarah is a student at Gief High School, in the same year as Cow Chip and Lance.  She spends a lot of time with her friends.  She also has a boyfriend, whom she loves very much.  She talks about her boyfriend often, and she makes sure that everyone who she knows is aware that she has a boyfriend… especially Lance.  Once, when Sarah and her boyfriend briefly broke up, she dated Lance on the rebound, but this did not last.  She often gets caught up in Cow Chip and Lance’s adventures, even though she does not have as much in common with them.

Sarah also enjoys animals.  She has a very strange cat.