6. “A Zentavo For Your Thoughts”

Cow Chip & Lance #6 – “A Zentavo For Your Thoughts”
Published June 29, 2011

Zeus attempts to avoid the problems in the U.S. economy by creating his own currency for use at his store. Meanwhile, Wilson introduces the boys to a trendy online prank.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance, E.R.
Nathan Margoliash – Wilson
Nicole Emmerichs – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex
Allison Flowers – Sarah
Michael Simmons – Zeus

Rose Connally – Girl Alex
Bryan Enderle – Mr. Miller
Liz Johnson – Jenna
Johanna Speizer – Mrs. Larson
Katherine Wessel – Septembre Lefebvre

Directed by Dennis G. Simmons
Written by Dennis G. Simmons & Michael Simmons
Copyright © 2011

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