9. “There’s No I In Team, But There’s a Kelly”

Cow Chip & Lance – #9 “There’s No I In Team, But There’s a Kelly”
Published October 8, 2018

Kelly wants to join a team, but she needs to figure out which team would fit best with her strengths.  Meanwhile, a mishap with hair products causes a change in Alex, which reminds Lance of something he can’t quite remember.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance, Blake, Dr. McLaughlin, E.R., Mrs. Von Tuts, additional voices
Nathan Margoliash – Wilson
Hali Bergeron – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex
Hannah Schumacher – Sarah, Haley
Michael Simmons – Zeus

Bryan Enderle – Mr. Miller
Elizabeth Etchison – Jenna
Kevin Franks – Sarah’s Boyfriend
Kristen Johnson – Mrs. Tilley
Johanna Speizer – Ms. Larson

Written and directed by Dennis G. Simmons.
Copyright ©2018