Jenna Montgomery

Portrayed by:
Elizabeth Etchison (III) (credited as Liz Johnson until 2013)

First Appeared:
2002, “I Broke Up With Dating” (II, #30)

Jenna and Cow Chip hit it off right away when they realized just how much they had in common and how much they liked hanging out together. But she wouldn’t go to the dance with him, because of a book she was reading about how dating was bad. Eventually she changed her mind about dating, but someone else had asked her out first.  She is still friends with Cow Chip and the others in his social circle, and Cow Chip occasionally behaves as though he still has unrequited feelings for her.  Cow Chip vehemently denies this.

Jenna is the youngest of four children, although her oldest brother does not live at home anymore. Her brother Blake is currently a senior at Gief High, serving as student body president. Their father is a bit eccentric and overbearing at times, leading to some embarrassing moments for Jenna and her siblings.