Kelly Anne McLaughlin

Portrayed by:
Hali Bergeron (III 2018- )
Nicole Emmerichs (III 2008-14)
Renee Jeremiah (AOT)
Sheena Freeman (M)

First Appeared:
1995, “These Aren’t Hooters” (I) (non-speaking role)

Kelly is a student at Gief High School, spending most of her time around Sarah and her other close friends.  Kelly’s father, a doctor, hopes that his daughter will follow in his footsteps and attend a prestigious university.  Kelly is taking advanced classes, but her own plans for her future are more uncertain.

Kelly is a good friend of both Cow Chip and Lance.  She has been on dates with both of them at least once, but their relationships now are entirely platonic.  Kelly often finds herself caught up in Cow Chip and Lance’s adventures, through no fault of her own.  She is thought to have a secret addiction to video games.