Darwin Harold Alexander, Jr.

Portrayed by:
Nick Orton (III)
Alex Wright (NSNS/AOT)

First Appeared:
1998, “The Lance Files” (II, #11)

Alex lives down the street from Cow Chip and Lance and attends Gief High School with them.  He moved to Salinas from Roswell, New Mexico before his sophomore year, and he had some odd habits and quirks that made Cow Chip and Lance believe that he was an alien.  All of those turned out to be misunderstandings, so it is quite fortunate that Lance never actually stabbed Alex in the neck, believing this to be the only way to kill aliens.

Alex loves video games; he is an excellent fighter in the multiplayer mode of the game Total Massacre.  He occasionally says unusual things; because of this, and his unusual fashion style of sunglasses, shorts, and long sleeves, many of his peers see him as slightly odd.  This makes him a perfect fit to be friends with Cow Chip and Lance.