5. “All Your Baseball Are Belong To Us”

Cow Chip & Lance #5 – “All Your Baseball Are Belong To Us”
Published March 15, 2011

Lance gets a job as the mascot for a celebrity baseball team. But things start to go wrong when Lance’s teammates accuse him of things.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance, Kelvin Porkchop, Additional Voices
Nathan Margoliash – Wilson, Tucker, Corey J. Corey, Dusty Forestlake, Additional Voices
Nicole Emmerichs – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex
Allison Flowers – Sarah
Michael Simmons – Martin Phipps

Sarah Catanio – Heather from Survival Island
Ellie Davidson – Cassie Overwood
Liz Johnson – Jenna
Katherine Wessel – Whitney Sparks, Septembre Lefebvre

Directed by Dennis G. Simmons
Written by Dennis G. Simmons and Nathan Margoliash
Copyright © 2011

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