Wilson Nelson Peterson

Portrayed by:
Nathan Margoliash (III 2011- )
Jeff San Gabriel (NSNS/AOT, III 2008-09)
Cody Freeman (M)
Dennis G. Simmons (I)

First Appeared:
1993, “Smart” (I)

Every group of friends has a smart guy, and Wilson plays that role among his friends at Gief High School.  When he is not studying, Wilson can often be found helping Cow Chip and Lance with their homework, or playing around on the Internet.  Wilson is not exactly popular with women, and most of his experiences meeting women online have gone badly.  He did go on a date with pop star Whitney Sparks, but she only went out with him to further her own career.

Wilson enjoys pwning n00bz at games, particularly games in which the n00bz don’t know the rules.  Despite working hard at his studies, Wilson also has time to be an expert at video games; his lack of social life helps him have time for this.