7. “The Legend of Robert Bob”

Cow Chip & Lance #7 – “The Legend of Robert Bob”
Published May 30, 2013

When a video game master under whom Cow Chip and Lance once trained comes to visit, the boys discover that he has a history that they never knew about. Meanwhile, Sarah can’t stop working on a certain type of paper-and-pencil puzzle that she finds difficult to pronounce.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance, Fish Boy
Nathan Margoliash – Wilson
Nicole Emmerichs – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex
Allison Flowers – Sarah
Michael Simmons – Bang

Rose Connally – Girl Alex
Kevin Franks – Sarah’s Boyfriend
Liz Johnson – Jenna
Valerie Steward-Williams – Christine

Directed by Dennis G. Simmons
Written by Dennis G. Simmons & Michael Simmons
Copyright © 2013

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