2. “Ghost in the Closet”

Cow Chip & Lance #2 – “Ghost in the Closet”
Published March 24, 2009

When Zeus leaves for two months, he hires Cow Chip and Lance to help at the store, but strange things start happening in the back room. Meanwhile, the boys discover the true nature of Zeus’ trip.


Dennis G. Simmons – Cow Chip, Lance, E.R., Mr. Martin, Additional Voices
Jeffrey San Gabriel – Wilson
Nicole Emmerichs – Kelly
Nick Orton – Alex, Spartans Host
Allison Flowers – Sarah
Michael Simmons – Zeus, Jonathan

Kevin Franks – Sarah’s Boyfriend
Liz Johnson – Jenna
Nathan Margoliash – Mail Carrier
Valerie Steward-Williams – Christine
Brooks Parfitt – Nosebomb

Directed by Dennis G. Simmons
Written by Dennis G. Simmons & Michael Simmons
Copyright ©2009

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